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CJSC Casting Technology

CJSC Casting Technology - diversified enterprise manufacturing cast-iron and non-ferrous castings for machine tool and other industries. Sites are equipped with modern production and the multiple indicator unique equipment.

Founded on the basis of Stankozavoda with many years of experience, this production combining a rich tradition and modern technology.
Production of iron castings for the sketches and drawings of the customer
sch10-30 from 0,5 kg up to 25tn
vch40-55 from 0,5 kg to 7tn
up to 8 meters in length and up to 600 ton / month.
We make art castings.

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Country: RUSSIA
City: Ryazan
Address: 7, Stankozavodskaya Str.,Ryazan, Russia, 390042
Phone: + 7 (4912) 93-28-41
Fax: + 7 (4912) 93-27-98
URL address: http://www.r-lt.ru
Contact person: Khokhlov Victor
Position: Head of Marketing

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